Turin, Italy


Ristorante All’ Opera & Eatalian

12.00 March 3th, 2012. 

Start from the lunch. This is the ristorante “All’ Opera Restaurant”. Choose randomly ,because we were so hungry! haha.



Bo Peng : Pizza con Wurstel

Me : Spaghetti alla Chitarra alla Carbonara Di Mare
If you are bored italian taste, this one taste was sooo Asian! Seriously!!

In the evening
Dali asked hotel receptionist, where should we hangout which a bit fancy and lots of teenagers? Even if we had asked the way already, we still got lose and at this bar, we was surrounded by dad and mom couples! – -”  

Ravioli with three kinds of meats inside, recommended!!

P eng Bo’s order

12:00 March 4th 2012.
The day after, We went to Eataly ,The New York Times has described it as a “megastore” that “combines elements of a bustling European open market, a Whole-Foods-style supermarket, a high-end food court and a New Age learning center. For me the coolest thing was almost of the products here made in Italy, which means foods, fish, vegetable, wine, bread, pasta, spaghetti, pizza and all things around Italy was represented here! Furthermore, it is incredible cheap!!

Pollo 8.80 Euros

Orata, menu from the fish section in Eataly, New York

Who we ate with?
Buon Appetito!!