Bollywood Lunch

When Indian friends cook Indian foods!

Vatsal’s House, 15.00 December 17th, 2011

After MFM 2011-12 Domus Academy , had done the final presentation of second project “Nynpha”. Our lovely Indian classmates invited us to the cultured house party “Bollywood House Party!!”. Because after that day, it was Christmas & New Year weekend so we decided meeting before everyone will back to their hometowns separately. The party was arranged at Vatsal’s chamber, served absolutely Indian foods with delectable spicy taste!! Which means our European friends almost cried during eating Indian foods 🙂

1. You could choose, let’s say first dish, which were “Rice with Sesame” or “Roties”

2. After that, then they provided you the various of appetizers!

Dal Makhani

Aloo gobi

By the way, the propose was not about the foods! More than good looking meals was ,what I would like to present after this! That was the way of “MFM students” gluttonous eating haha!, started from West side continuously to Asian side one by one and please help me find out, who was the most gorgeous eating in the class! haha

See! Behind Pauline, Nan was still eating!! The foods was so good!!

Angelia! How was the food!?

Pra…stop eating and look at camera!!

Here! the most polite way of eating! Hahaha

Lastly, thank you very much for the foods! Thank you them all!

And we finished it all 🙂
Buon Appetito!!