Colonne di San Lorenzo

Ordinary Hang Out

Don’t know, is it because nice weather or we are almost finish the school? but I feel like I have to upload more pictures since we are still staying in Milan. Before, everyone will move back to their home town. Afterward, I checked my blog and of course we haven’t had the album about night life in Milan yet!! Therefore this should be a good reason to post something, shouldn’t it? Anyway, this post will represent one style of night life in Milan, which is Colonne di San Lorenzo, the place that all teenagers and young people will come (if the weather is nice). You can come here without any appointment because you will find your friends here anyway… especial on weekend!!

Start with the location of Colone pictures first then let see how crazy of people around here haha. Our friends who attended to this night are Anton, Dali ,Trin , Malika, Anastasia, Prakiti and me.

Since now the time that I can spend with my Domus friends shorten day by day and I will go back to Thailand end of this month. Therefore I might not meet some of them again so I hope I will have change to post our activities we did in Milan more! 😀

18 – 19th July 2013, Final Presentation day
24th July2013,  Graduation Day 🙂