Mariel Garcia’s Birthday

Tasca & Colone, Milan

Since I have posted every activity on my blog. There are always with friends from my class, MFM September intake 2012. So this was a good time to introduce my friends from another class, Mariel’s birthday party!! Mariel is a girl from January intake 2012, Mexican girl. She invited me and Dali to join so, firstly, I will start with Tasca the bar that me and Kittima made an appointment and then we will go to Maria’s birthday together afterward.

I think now they are immersing in their thesis. So I hope they will make a good job, having chance for me to post their work on this blog sooner or later. Anyway, thank you Mariel for invite me. This is such a nice and friendly party. Party hard and study harder haha!

Arrivederci Tutti!