My MFM Thesis Day

Room 11, Domus Academy


This post will be told the story about my Final Thesis Presentation Day. Since my thesis was “Product Manager – Red Valentino”, therefore, not only working on marketing strategy, but also I had to produce the capsule collection in order to deliver more clear idea for my thesis. Of cause, having clothes needs to having models! I have just noticed that Domus Academy has lots of pretty girls! haha. Thank you all of my friend, who participated being my models! I will start introduce my model friend first, afterward, it will be photos regarding circumstance during the presentation 🙂

Thank sister Duang, Alan and Pare for coming to see my thesis. Thank all friends, who were my models and who attended to my presentation. I did my best for my thesis, therefore, I hoped you guys will do a great job also. Next post, I will try to public the post about our “Final Thesis after party!!!!” haha and it should be the crazest party on earth ever! 😉

Arrivederci tutti!

Finish this post with the look book of my Thesis collection. Thank for your reading!