Final Thesis After Party

Rita, Naviglio Grande, Milan

Since we had done a good job in our most excite day, Thesis Final Presentation, we deserved to cerebrate ourself! So, All of us, MFM 2012, decided to hanged out at the bar near by Naviglio Grande river called Rita. Actually, Big Gokce recommended us to try going to this bar. The celebration party was started at 8:30 p.m. and the bar was closed to my house! A circumstance around the bar was nice, surrounding with sophisticate working people standing and talking outside the bar.

I will start this post by, firstly on the way coming this bar. Secondly, a decoration in Rita and lastly, the part that I really would love to present “Our friends and their drink!!”, which represented cocktails that MFM 2012 friends love to drink person by person:)

Chapter I : On The Way to Celebration Party!

Chapter II : At the Bar

Chapter III : Do you know what is your best friend’s favourite drink?

It was funny! Interestingly, Have you never ever asked yourself what is your best friends’s favourite drink? or Do they know your favourite one either? haha. Anyhow, after I have publicise this post. I do know your favourite drink, MFM 2012 😉 !

I tried to post all photos I have with all friends who attended to Party. If there was anyone missing in this post (which I hope not). Please feel free to let me know. I will check in my photo stock again :). Finally, I hope you the best in your life my friends. I will miss you. Enjoy drinking ^^!

Arrivederci tutti!

Rita (Bar & Restaurant), Via Angelo Fumagalli 1, Milan, Italy +392 837 2865.