Party Like a Master

 D.A. January 2012 Intake Graduation Party.

Finally, I have sometime to continue my blog! There was lots of thing that happened in my life so far. Briefly, in july 2012, I got the scholarship to study one more year here in Milan. So now I am a Visual Brand Design student not Fashion Management anymore. I do still miss my friend from last year 😥 When you study in international school, you will see all of friends move to different places all around the world, leaving only good times that you have spend together. Because of that, it inspired me to be more serious to take lots of photos to collect all of nice memories.

Therefore, this post is one of the most important party, which I cannot miss. It is “Party Like a Master”, graduation party of Domus Academy students January intake 2012. The party was organised in the same week of final thesis presentation. Surely, all students, who was tired from 3 months of working on their Thesis, express their delightfulness here crazily. There were some students, who will go back to their home country permanently. So you will see lots of farewell moments too. By the way, I hope all of my friends have a great day after graduation in every path of their life, especially, Fashion Management 2012 Jan intake. I hope someday we will meet again, sharing our successful story : )


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A 11

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Bar Cuore Milano via Gian Giacomo Mora, Milano, Italy