California Bakery

Milan, Italy
This was a great time to write a post about bakery. Since I started my blog, I have never written something about a cake or dessert. Unexpectedly, on Friday night, Joel told me “Tapana! Lia has a friend who works at California Bakery, she invited me to have brunch there tomorrow. You wanna join us? She might give us a discount!”. I started calculating in my brain “one New York cheesecake is 6 Euro, if we got a discount that means I might pay 5 euro or less per piece of cake. That means I possibly can afford 2 pieces of New York cheesecake!!”…………..”OK, I’m in. Haha I replied to Joel immediately.
Me and Joel left the house half an hour before the agreed time. On the way to California Bakery, Angelia called me, “Tapana, I did someTHING stupid!”. I said “What?”. She replied “I remember the wrong day that my friend works at the bakery! It means we can’t get a discount”……..
“It is ok Lia”. We still decided to go there. Even if I could order only one cheesecake anyway haha.
California 18

California 19

California 07

California 05

California 02

California 01

California 03

California 04

California 06

California 20

Cake 02

California 08

California 21

California 09

California 10

California 11

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Cake 18

Cake 16

Cake 17

Cake 01

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Cake 04

Cake 05

Cake 06

Cake 07

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Cake 09

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Cake 25

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Cake 13

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Cake 26


California Bakery, Piazza Sant’Eustorgio 4, Milano