About The Tickets


Hi, Ciao, Sawasdeekrub! Welcome to my blog The Tickets ; ) I am a Visual Designer currently working at frog Design Milan, Italy. I’m interested cultures differentes, UI design, User experience and photography!

The Tickets’ propose
The proposal of this Visual Diary Blog is collecting my memorials. A lot of times in my life, I have  been apart from family and friends. There was so many nice things happened and gone very fast. It was fast enough to make me cannot recognise anything clearly in my mind.

One day, I decided to start writing a Visual Diary on blog, which is kind of somewhere that I can put all of my memories with all people I have met in life journal. Now it has been 4 year. Although, I don’t have so many followers (mostly they all are my friends and family haha), I am still happy every time when I look back into a post of my life stories. That is a principal nature of diary, isn’t it ?